About Us

We started Meat Direct NT in November 2006.
I, Lil, am now the third generation of my family to be in the Meat business.

In the beginning we started by buying primal cuts of Beef and Lamb and selling them direct to the public. Hence our name Meat Direct. By selling Meat in whole cuts, we could sell a product that would compete nicely with the over handled product moving through the supermarkets. Our customers would be buying a fresher product…and it would be cheaper! So that’s how we started.

Now we have moved beyond the five cuts into about 60. We are very brand oriented and like to support farmers who care about their animals and also the sustainability of the environment. If grass fed beef is your thing, along with organic beef, and Free Range Meat like pork, chicken, lamb, roo, goat and fish…then come on into our little meat shop and taste the difference!

Hope to see some of you soon.

Matt & Lil Prouse